Our products

With more than 1,500 products in its catalogue, GNC Meccanica is able to needs, providing customized suction-cups and / or special high-precision accessories.
The company is committed to constant improvement in the performance, reliability and quality of its products, with a view provide an answer to your needs, with a reasonable price.

Suction cups

Our Suction cups are 100% made in Italy, carefully assembled by experienced hands, composed of a vulcanized rubber that is guaranteed against detachment and aluminum anodized to increase durability and strength in the hostile work enviroment.

The special wrap of the columns "Carbon look" protects our suction-cups against oxidation, thanks to its great water-repellent properties, ideal for a quick and easy cleaning at the end of the day. Before shipment, the suction-cups are rebored with a special tool, capable to obtain a dimensional tolerance of +/- 0.02 millimeters on the suction-cups height.



  • Hand assembled
  • Hot vulcanized rubber
  • Special carbon look vinyl


  • Hand assembled
  • Stainless steel components
  • High flexibility polymer


As our suction-cups, our tool forks are 100% made in Italy, made from a specific material produced in Italy especially for us, with mechanical properties studied side by side with professional users and machine manufacturers

The process starts from a extruded polymer sheet that guarantee elasticity then is machined with numerical control machines, and subsequently hand assembled with stainless steel plates to improve stability.




We decided to produce an article that stood out in terms of aesthetic and performance from the mass of products in circulation, however, competing with the market price.

From this concept born the “Oronero” tool holders series, able to guarantee a stay of 200 hours in the salt spray chamber, quadrupling the "life" of the best products now on sale in Europe.

The starting material is stainless steel, but the real revolution is in the heat treatment, which turns into “Oronero” our tool holder cones, the latter in fact, in addition to being highly anti-corrosive lubricant is also very effective against unpleasant cone blockages inside the electro spindle.



  • Hand assembled
  • Special treatment rust and block free
  • Up to 200 hours in salt spray chamber